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Celebrate Life 2015

Celebrate Life was a huge success. It was enjoyed by all. Click on the tab at the top of the page for District Celebrate Life 2016 Information!

Over 200 teens and sponsors attended the Youth Fall Party at Echo Bluffs. It was enjoyed by all who attended.


The Northwestern Illinois District exists to develop Healthy Churches

Healthy Churches…
Are culturally relevant
Produce fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ

The Three Steps ~
1.  An Emphasis on Evangelism
2.  An Emphasis on Healthy, Refocusing Churches
3.  Starting New Churches, HEALTHY, Refocusing Churches

Healthy New Churches are:                            THE NWIL TRAINING SYSTEM
Self-Sustaining                                                Assessment
Self-Governing                                                New Church University
Self-Propagating                                              Pastors on Purpose
Self-Reproducing                                             Coaching
                                                                        Church Health Analysis

Rev. Scott Sherwood, District Superintendent           Rev. James Book, District Administrator
scottjsherwood@gmail.com                                   jbook.da@gmail.com

Rev. Ray Barker, DCPI Coordinator                           Pamela Smith, Office Manager
raybarker@aol.com                                                nwilpamsmith@gmail.com

NWIL District                                                            Office Hours:
3520 Broadway St.                                                   Monday-Thursday
Pekin, IL 61554                                                        8:00 am-4:00pm
Phone: 309-682-6945


The Value of Volunteers

Volunteers make valuable contributions to the mission of the church in multiple world areas. Volunteers fill roles on the field such as teacher, construction, office work, childcare and many other positions. We call longer term volunteers Mission Corp, an opportunity to serve with the Church of the Nazarene. As we reach out around the world, our missionaries are being challenged to meet the many needs around them. People are responding from every age group and career background with a variety of skills, gifts, and talents to help meet those needs.

Let me introduce Northwestern Illinois District's newest Mission Corp Volunteer. Sasha Carr grew up in a Nazarene parsonage. She writes: At fourteen, I gave my life to Christ after a showing of Heaven's Gates, Hell's Flames. I continued to grow in my relationship with him. I began to realize my wanting to be nurse at such a young age was a calling from God.

I had decided at the age to twelve that I was going to Olivet once I knew they offered a nursing program. I graduated from Olivet in May of 2004. While there, I felt the call that I was to do something in missions. When I moved to Peoria, I started attending North Side Church of the Nazarene because that was where my best friend attended. I soon found out they were very mission oriented. This led me to be able to go on a few mission trips. While in Costa Rica I felt God telling me that I needed to further my education and get a Master's degree. I applied to Liberty University because they had an online Intracultural studies course, however, God told me that I needed to get my MSN. In 2003, I finished my MSN and have since been looking for God's direction for my life. Which has brought my call to PNG and teaching at the College of Nursing at Kujip.

The World Evangelism Fund is the life-line of Nazarene missions. Volunteers whether Work and Witness, Mission Corp or Tentmakers multiply the effectiveness of our World Evangelism Funds by adding expertise, experience and educational training to the work on the field. By assisting Sasha with less than $14,000 we add a full time teacher with a Master's Degree and years of experience in American hospitals to the staff of the College of Nursing at Kudjip.

Should you choose to give financially, here are the details you will need to know.
Checks should be made out to: General Treasurer, Church of the Nazarene.
All checks should be mailed to: Global Treasury Services, Church of the Nazarene
P.O. Box 843116
Kansas City, MO 64184-3116

Please include--Sasha Carr/MissionCorps/Papua New Guinea-- on the memo line of your check in order for the funds to go to the appropriate area. You can also visit http://web.nazarene.org/goto/sasha. This site will allow you to pay with credit/debit cards